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What is Longrich?

Longrich Bioscience is an international organization that seeks to solve the world’s health and wealth issues by providing a genuine business opportunity for all through its multi-level marketing business platform.

Longrich BUSINESS presentation and testimonials

Are you looking for a legitimate business platform to start up a home business be it offline or online? Then, Longrich International has designed a business platform to get you started. It gets more exciting when you own a business and you don’t have to pay tax or rent a building to set up the business. Isn’t that amazing?

Most importantly, because this business is initiated and built just once and it keeps paying you over and over, physically present or not for the rest of your life, it leads to what I call financial freedom. All you need is your phone or computer and the internet connection and you make money. But before we get started on how to become a longrich distributor or affiliate partner, let’s try to figure out what financial independence is all about and also how to achieve it.

Financial Independence

Everyone wish to gain financial freedom yet are not self-disciplined enough to partake in that journey. For you to be self-discipline, you must use my formula 4PA (Patience, Persistence, Perspiration, Passion and Action). If you develop or have this formula, what you are looking for will surely come. Those who understand the secrets on how to survive in life never expose that secret, this is because they want to remain at the very top. You will be surprised to know that these secrets are written everywhere, e.g self-improve books, internet etc but we are not ready to grab them because of ignorance.

Let me use this example to help you know what is preventing the majority from acquiring their goals.

The was this rich man in a little village and everyone in that village admired him so much. He was very much admired by the villagers because he was simple and very generous to them. So, one day, to his surprise, some of the villagers decided to visit him. They wanted their master to teach them how to catch fish rather than receive all the time. He was so excited because he has longed waited for a day like this to come. He went inside and brought some books and said, ” these books with me is the reason why I am a successful man today”. The excitement in the crowd died down gradually, and a large number walked back home disappointed. And those who persevered till the end became successful and even more than the teacher.

One reason why most people fail to achieve success today is that they lack the 4PA formula. You need to put in 75% of your time with what you are passionate about to stand out.

The secret of rich men

The reason why the rich stand out from the middle and lower class is that; rich people focus more on investing and make money work for them while the poor focus on saving and work for money. That makes sense right! I guess you are asking how do they do it! They simply buy assets through loans while the poor buy liabilities thinking they are investing. Assets bring in money while liabilities don’t. For instance, a taxi and a private car; All are cars but one is an asset and the other liability.

Also, I will love to let you know that I never had the money to start this business but I decided to be in debts for 5 months to get started. And right now, no more debts and living in my terms. Have it in mind that the road to financial independence is a tough road to travel on. It is not milk and honey else everyone would have been there. You have to know your WHY to stand out. Join over 2000 others in the Cloud Entrepreneur Community and Leverage the Longrich business platform.

If you’re struggling to figure out how to sign up or enrol for a legitimate business platform, then this episode is for you!

In this Episode of NJNvibes, I’m going to share with you an amazing business opportunity offered by Longrich International; Firstly, you’ll know what it takes to sign up and make money from the longrich business platform, secondly the benefits of becoming a partner, thirdly the advantages of the company over others, and also, you will learn the various ways on how to achieve success.

So, do contact us immediately after going through this amazing business opportunity and leverage it.

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Longrich company review

Longrich International is a leading Chinese cosmetic company that owns a wide range of personal care products, health care products, pet care products and household cleaning products. Also, the company has eight research and development centres in three continents and over 12000 employees worldwide. In addition to that, the company has been in existence since 1986 and has seen a steady growth in its market share and expansion which makes her today one of the most successful private companies in china. Further, the company is legally registered in 183 countries counting and most importantly their products sold in more than 50 countries and regions around the world including the USA,

United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Ukraine, Russia, Cameroon, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Lesotho, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia just to name a few.

How Experienced is Longrich Bioscience?

longrich major OEM Clients and Partners
[Image source: Longrich With Heward]

Beside the traditional sales and direct sales, the longrich bioscience company has a legitimate and proven experience in OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and ODM (original design manufacturer). In addition to that, the Longrich company also helps local and international firms manage their entire supply chain in China. She also has the strength and capability to offer marketing (product) research and development, production, packaging style, warehousing, raw material procurement, distribution and sales of all types of cosmetics, household, personal care, health and pet care products.

Meanwhile, for over 30years, Longrich had always stood fast to improve the economy of China, and raising the standards of the company’s scientific development and also working hard to make great leaps forward towards the company’s development.

How has the Longrich Company improved the economy of China?

Firstly, by implementing brand strategy, marketing strategy, talent strategy, science and technology strategy, and management strategy.

secondly and most importantly, Longrich Adopt modernized methods in research, development or production, and also in Direct Selling or Multi-Level Marketing license in July 2008 from the Ministry of Commerce. And a new boost of energy has been injected to the developments and plans of the corporation.


structure of longrich company
[image source: nenisabizworld]

Instituted in 1986, Jiangsu Longliqi Group Co. Ltd specialized in manufacturing and marketing of personal care products, and also a top daily chemical enterprise in China. And in 2008, her sales hit $1 billion. The companies major business is personal care and household cleaning products, such as mouth wash, toothpaste, hand wash, hand sanitizer, breath spray, dental floss pick, interdentally brush, man series and makeup, baby series, bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner, kitchen cleaner, toilet cleaner, dishwashing liquid, washing liquid, fabric softener, washing powder, soap, disinfectant, mosquito repellent, cologne, deodorant, baby powder, hair conditioner, hair gel, shampoo, face cream, face wash, hand cream, along with body lotion and lens cleaner. Longrich became ISO9001 certified in 1998 and ISO14001 certified in 2000 respectively. Similarly, Longrich International also passed through HACCP certification in 2005 and introduced GMP, “6Ʃ” and ERP to advance management.

Longrich is a leading Chinese cosmetic company that owns a wide range of personal care products, health care products, pet care products and household cleaning products. You can build a passive income from their business platform. Click To Tweet

Longrich International has over 80 graduate chemists and engineers working in R&D and quality control position? Also, to Strengthen the R&D capability in the personal care field, she established a research institute in USA and Japan. And most importantly, in excellent experience export business, the company has clients all over the world, such as Aquafina, TESCO, ALDI, Unilever, Carrefour, Marks & Spencer, Walgreens etc. They are also in close cooperation with most international famous raw material suppliers and fragrance companies such as QUEST, Givaudan, Symrise, Cognis and IFF, DSM, BASF, Bayer, Ciba etc.

Longrich Compensation Plan

The longrich compensation plan below explains the various ways in which a business partner is compensated for personal sales generated and also the sales of his or her business partners. It gets more exciting knowing that you get paid weekly in this plan for the work you do, and you don’t have to wait till the month-end.

It is arguably one of the best compensation plan ever seen in direct selling.

How To Make Money in Longrich Weekly

longrich international

In this paragraph, am going to share with you the different ways in which you can earn in the Longrich business platform.

1. Referral Bonus

With the longrich business platform, you are required to simply pass on this amazing business opportunity to another person you know needs to better their financial situation. I know the question on your mind now will be; where do I get these people to hand this opportunity to? Let me respond by asking you a few questions:

  • Do you have friends, colleagues, relatives, acquaintances who are working and their salaries can’t carry all their responsibilities and they find themselves borrowing from ‘Peter’ to pay ‘Paul’, just in a bit to make ends meet? If YES, then they need a second source of income. Join and pass it on to them.
  • Do you know people who are job searching and who have been doing so for some time now? If YES, then they need at least a source of income, Join and pass this opportunity to them.
  • Do you know housewives or stay home moms who depend solely on their husbands and family for financial assistance? If YES, So why not join this opportunity and pass it on to them? It will go a long way to better family lives.
  • Do you know business persons ready and looking for genuine business opportunities to invest in? If YES, partner and pass it over to them.

However, your partnership to longrich simply permits you to choose from amongst over 2000 products, first-grade organic products from various categories for your personal and home consumption. All you do after this is advice the aforementioned categories of people to do the same and equally pass it on. To sum up, Longrich simply pays you for making the world around you a better place and you get paid weekly, (the power of DUPLICATION).

Calculations show how much you earn when you sponsor newbies:

  • For 24000 Combo

1st Generation = 6000FCFA

2nd Generation = 1440FCFA

3rd Generation = 2880FCFA

Take for example sponsor 10 people and get, 6000 x 10 = 60000

  • For 90000 Combo

1st Generation = 18000

For instance sponsor 10 people and get, 18000 x 10 = 180000

  • For 150000 Combo

1st Generation = 30000

Take for instance sponsor 10 people and get, 30000 x 10 = 300000

  • For 330000 Combo

1st Generation = 60000

For example sponsor 10 people and get, 60000 x 10 = 600000

Getting More and More Exciting Right!!!


performance bonus
[Image source: longrichglobal]

It is paid on your 2 weak legs and it is based on your entry-level.

Entry levels

  1. Stock of 150000 = 8%
  2. Stock of 300000 = 10%
  3. Stock of 800000 = 12%
  4. Stock of 1.7m = 12% + 1% global sales per month

Let’s do the Math’s

Let’s use leg A, B and C as an example.

Let’s assume Joel is currently a Platinum VIP member (12%) and he has 3 legs

A = 2000pvs

B = 3000pvs

C = 500pvs

That’s his weekly performance.

In this case – leg A and leg C are considered to be his weaker legs for that particular week.

Therefore your performance bonus will be derived from leg A and C

Please note that PV stands for point value

2000pv + 500pv = 2500pv what is 12% of 2500pv?

Its 300pvs

300pvs x 600 FCFA= 180000 FCFA

Your performance bonus for that particular week will be 180000 FCFA

why do we multiply with 600?

We could have used 500 FCFA which is our current exchange rate, however, because the exchange rate fluctuates every day the company decided to use a standard rate which is 600 FCFA = $ 1 =1pv


longrich development bonus
[Image source: Longrich Club]

Development Bonus is set at 10% for all. How do we calculate that?

What is 10% of 2500pvs(generated from your performance bonus calculated above) x 600 FCFA = 150,000 FCFA. Note that the picture simply shows your business partner growth and the PVs generated that week.

Performance + Development bonus = 150000 + 180000 in 1 week. wow!!


My favourite

leadership bonus payout chat
[Image source: Longrich with Heward]

leadership matching bonus
[Image source: Longrich with Heward]

Leadership Bonus is paid based on your sponsored Tree.

That is to say, I introduced Karabo into the business and Karabo earns 1 million FCFA per week. My leadership bonus will be 10% of what Karabo earns every Thursday and 5% of his 1st generation.

On the other hand, let’s assume Brian is his (Karabo’s) 1st generation with an income of 500,000 FCFA Then it means am entitled to 5% of 500000 FCFA

Besides, the Leadership Bonus is up to 45% (Financial Freedom) so the more you recruit and place under your team the more money you make.

5. The Retail Order Bonus

retail or maintenance bonus
[Image source: Longrichglobal]

You are earning 4.5% of 30pvs e.g

Let’s take for instance you have 2000 business partners and each partner does a 30PVs retail order that month therefore 2000 business partners x $1.46 = Big money.


Give your body the best with longrich products
[Image source: Give your body the best]

Longrich has over 2000 products

As a business partner in Longrich, you own the company’s stock, that is to say, you can sell any product own by the company.  To clarify, you are required to share their benefits and when someone identifies a solution to his/her problem through your product, they buy. For example, the longrich sanitary pad prevents cervical cancer, treats vagina itches, prevent menstrual cramp and corrects menstrual problems, removes fibroid etc. How many women do you know have this problem? When it comes to longrich products, you will always have consumers because the products target all the human needs click here


Sales of products in Longrich is not obligatory. That is to say, you are not obliged to sell to earn weekly commissions.

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Some longrich products and health benefits

  • Longrich Alkaline Cup

longrich alkaline cup for healthy water drinking
longrich alkaline cup

Helps to lose weight

Fights infection, healthy skin.

Gets rid of body toxins and boost energy

Cut down or reduce the risk of cancer

Improve productivity

Converts acidic water to alkaline

  • Longrich Pantyliner and Sanitary Napkin

longrich mix superbklean sanitory napkins
superbklean sanitary napkin

Strengthens immunity

Increases or Improves blood circulation

Relieve asthma and allergies

Protection against viruses

Stops electromagnetic waves

Neutralize actions that cause inflammation and infections

  • Male Fertility Supplement Libao

longrich male fertility supplement
longrich libao

Boost performance

Enhance or improves sperm count

Eliminates fatigue

Suitable with low immunity and easily tiring

Penetrates the bone to expel pathogenic wind

  • Mengqian Female Fertility Supplement

LONGRICH MENQGIAN – FEMALE FERTILITY SUPPLEMENT Is a Fertility Supplement that is perfect for correcting and treating fertility problems in women
Female fertility

Perfect in correcting and treating fertility problems in women

Effective in treating skin disease and arthritis

Good in treating epilepsy and paralysis

Corrects hormonal changes caused by liver disease or use of oral contraceptives

It regulates melanin production which helps clear patches and lightens uneven skin tone

Helps to reduce or prevent pimple and promote a healthy complexion

Detoxify or purifies the system, cleans and clears skin which makes a woman look younger.

Also helps to correct eyesight and treats insomnia etc

  • Longrich Health Wine

longrich health wine

Steps up the immune system

Reform low sperm count

Helps to improve fertility in men

Restores and improves sexual performance in men and also increases libido in women

Reduces body pain and menstrual discomfort etc

  • Arthro Supreviver

Longrich Arthro Supreviver
Arthro SupReviver

Suitable for a stroke patient, arthritis, rheumatism, bone and joint issues

Maintains the structural integrity of the tissue and helps to boost the immune system

  • White Tea Multi-Effect Toothpaste

white tea toothpaste

Relieves all forms of toothache

Treats bleeding gum, gingivitis and periodontitis

Deep cleansing and teeth whitening

Reinforces the gums

Prevents and cures mouth ulcers

Also, provides fluoride-free decay resistance etc

Click here to view more Longrich Products

Longrich Values

Corporate Mission

Strengthen by recruiting the best talent

Win customers loyalty through excellent customer service

Dominate in the market share by offering high-quality products

Expand through professional management

Customer Service Concept

Serve to all and in the best form possible

Corporate Philosophy

We treat our customers as a priority, create perfection, serve our society to persuade excellence.

Core Value

All customers are our number one priority, we give respect to all who support us.

Benefits of Joining Longrich

  • PromosApart from commissions paid directly into your account every week based on your team’s growth or volume, promotions are offered by the company to boost the work rate of your business partners.
  • TravelsThe company organizes annually a minimum of three international travels “all expenses paid” for eligible partners or distributors. Trips to countries like, Malaysia, USA, China, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Dubai and Ghana, just to name a few.
  • Car – There is yearly Car promotion, Longrich has already handed over 800 brand new cars its first 7 years in Africa.
  • Scholarships – As a diamond 7 leaders,  you are awarded the 1st scholarship for a 4years degree program at the Soochow University (Asia’s Harvard) in China. Also, the 2nd scholarship as a Star Director is awarded for a 2 years Executive MBA program at the Denver University, Colorado USA.
  • House – Also, as a Longrich Star Director, you are awarded a house fund of 90million FCFA.


  • Performance Bonus: Your entry status as silver = 8%, Gold = 10%, Platinum / VIP = 12%. Performance bonus is paid due to your earning power to all generations to infinity.
  • Development Bonus: 10% flat paid on two of the highest points per level bonus leg.
  • Leadership Bonus: (10 – 45) % paid on the sponsorship tree up to the 12th generation according to your level or rank
  • Retail Order Bonus: (25 – 50) % paid on retail / repeat order
  • Incentives
  • Platinum VIP incentive: As a VIP Partner, you earn 1% of Longrich global sales and every cycle can be converted into travel/ car/ house.
  • Worldwide incentive: Acquire or gain 2.5% of Longrich company global earnings from Diamond 4 level and above.
  • Star Director’s worldwide incentive: Obtain or earn 2.5 of the company’s global earnings.

Longrich Truly Stands Out

Certainly, the earning potential with the longrich business platform is huge; All you need to succeed in this business is Passion, Persistence, Action and Drive. Meanwhile, as you move up the marketing plan, the earning percentage increases as your team grows. That is why a distributor can earn 4 million FCFA monthly, qualify for trips and cars in just six months.

Note: Performance bonus is paid on all generations till infinity. Similarly, the compensation plan is simply amazing and highly generous, it leads to true financial freedom, and to achieve that, you have to work for it. On the other hand, if you are waiting for the perfect moment, you’ll never start, the best time to take ACTION is NOW! Grow at your own pace, unlimited accumulation of bonus points, Leadership easily achieved, no pressure, no forced monthly purchases or target, and weekly bonus payment popular known as (Green Thursday).

Advantages of Longrich

  • Natural and medicinal everyday consumer products: Hand cream, toothpaste, bamboo soap, tea, coffee, sanitary towels, socks, spray insect repellent, deodorizing mouth, body creams, baby shower gels, health wine, shampoos, coffee, purifying water system, effective nutritional supplements, energy pot, alkaline cups, energy shoe, energy drinks etc.
  • No obligation to purchase monthly
  • You get paid weekly which is popularly known as Green Thursday
  • Also, capital gains are cumulative, no loss of points due to inactivity that is unlimited accumulation.
  • Also, it takes only 3 lines of direct success (legs). This forces teams to work and help each other grow.
  • Most importantly, activity-based products (highly effective products with many amazing testimonials).
  • You gain on all generations to infinity.
  • Multiple gains (winning in multiple recordings) make money when you build 2 legs, gain financial freedom with car incentives, travel and home when you build 3 legs.
  • Products are certified by various regulatory agencies, for example, ISO FDI, WHO, USDA, NAFDAC, etc
  • Longrich is ranked among the top 30 MLM companies in 2019 and was recently voted in Africa as the best MLM company. In addition, only MLM company that sends distributors for an executive MBA from three years in the united states.
  • To conclude, scholarships are offered to administrators or guards.

Benefits of Becoming a Longrich Stockist

In Longrich Bioscience, the stockist makes decisions and signs on behalf of the company. Similarly, he or she represents the company where the company is needed. Hence the stockist is the only one who can do registrations of new members and from whom members can get products from at the company price.


As a stockist, you earn an extra % of PVs made through your stockist account starting from 6.5%. So, the more PVs you make, the higher the percentage of your bonus and the more money you make.


Firstly, as a stockist in a particular town, members of the said town will be required to do all purchases, sign up, upgrades through you. What does this mean? It means you have a large responsibility and also more money in your account.

Secondly, you have the advantage of being served first before other members as the company understands that you have a responsibility to serve other members too.

Further, you are involved in decision making in your country and especially in your jurisdiction. You cannot be a stockist in all 10 regions in Cameroon with the same stockist account. Members can choose to buy from any stockist account at the office in Douala.

To sum up, all stockist have stock with the company and you must buy from a stockist.

Responsibilities of a stockist

Being a stockist comes with responsibilities which should be met;

  1. Firstly, as a stockist, you need to understand how our business works. (a stockist is not for everybody who has money to invest) you need to be ready to build the business in your area.
  2. Secondly, a stockist will organize pieces of training as many times as possible and train members in your area whether directly under you or not.
  3. Thirdly, as a stockist, you will become a trainer yourself and you have 3months after signing up to start training.
  4. To conclude, you will organize big presentations in your town. The company pays a hall and sends a support team to help you out and also you may have some free products to give out to members or use as a raffle draw to boost the team.

Earnings and benefits of a stockist or company representative

– Owns 4 to 5 VIP accounts

– Approximate PV required: 8000 to 9000pv

– Estimated Amount: 8.000.000 to 9.000.000 FCFA

– All VIP account benefits 12%weekly

– Each VIP account benefits 1% monthly global profit as a shareholder

– Benefits 6% to 8% monthly on total PVs out of your stock notwithstanding the normal weekly 12% earnings.

– Earns the current free vacation trip, all paid by longrich

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Do PVs from other members who buy from you add your PVs?

No, it doesn’t. Only PVs from your team members come to you and that’s only if they are under you.

  1. If your team members buy from another stockist will you get their PVs?

Yes, you will.

  1. Is there any benefit of being a stockist in a town where there’s no stockist already?

Yes! Being the first stockist in a town where there’s none encourages other members to open up there. Most people have the challenge of sending products to different towns thus being the first stockist in a town puts money in your pocket (you can make the money invested in 3months).

  1. Must you be a stockist to make it in Longrich?

No! A stockist simply has two roles to play, distributor and signing up new biz

How To Join


Firstly, the company does not impose or restrict anyone from becoming an affiliate in its business platform as long as you are of legal age with a valid identification card. Also, as a longrich distributor or affiliate, you have the opportunity to advance within the compensation plan and enjoy the rewards of your hard work. The key elements of success Longrich are sales, promotion and service.

What do you need to do?

First of all, you have to be knowledgeable with the Longrich products. Secondly, use the products, advocate family and friends, family members and provide friendly after-sales service. For instance, the difference in retail price bonus is one way to be on top of your game.

Besides, you can also create a sales network and expand your business by its duplication process, earning bonuses, incentives and other benefits for your efforts. Simply awesome right!

Longrich Business Partner Levels

Longrich business partner levels

Sign up with any of the above membership types and you are allowed to select products of your choice worth your money.

Succeeding with Longrich International

In this paragraph, am going to bring out a few points to help you achieve your dreams in Longrich.

  • Firstly make sure you have enough information about the Longrich business platform.
  • Secondly, train your business partners to duplicate not just sell products. Make them write down their dreams and set goals to achieve it.
  • Thirdly and most importantly, commit to succeed in your business that is to say focus more on building a team of business partners.
  • Also, make sure to follow up on your prospects.
  • Similarly, don’t be interested in personal profit rather sacrifice and help your business partners to grow.
  • Above all, have self-esteem.
  • Also, do not blame others for your failures.
  • Strive to be exceptional or better than your up-line.
  • Never take NO as a personal insult.
  • And most importantly, your appearance is your business that is to say looking good is good business.
  • To conclude, read motivational books for self-development and more sales.


That’s the scoop on the Longrich business platform to help you get started with your home base business. As a partner in Longrich, your goal is to achieve financial freedom through this business opportunity.

To conclude, let us know in the comment box below what you think about financial independence and how to achieve it. Also, if you have any questions as regards the longrich business opportunity, please do contact us for more clarification.

Act while you are Apt

How long more do you intend working while having just a single stream of income with several draining cash outlets?

If your current source of income was stopped, for how long will your current savings take you and your family?

Do you have a dream?

We have an opportunity so leverage

Get your PLAN B…..

Contact us on Whatsapp and let’s get started: https://wa.me/23775814385 or through our contact form

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Longrich?

It is an international organization that seeks to solve the worlds health and wealth issues by providing a genuine business opportunity for all through its multi-level marketing business platform.

Why should you join longrich?

Longrich International allows you to earn extra income from what you use every day (household items or daily consumables), all you need do is change or switch your brand and by so doing, you establish a second source of income or a gold mind in your home. In addition to that, Longrich products are super effective health-wise.

How do we make money through longrich?

You earn commissions when you sponsor a new business partner or distributor and also when customers purchaseLongrich merchandise through you.

Is longrich a pyramid scheme or a scam?

No, its neither of the above. It’s a legitimate MLM which offers a decent compensation plan for all her distributors. I call it the upgrade of affiliate marketing.

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