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what doest it cost to become part of the longrich business platform?

It’s simple, all you need do is choose any of the main registration packages that makes you a longrich business partner in the longrich business platform. For more information, Contact us through the contact page

What products does Longrich have to offer?

We have over 2000 high-quality products based on different categories such as health and fitness Appliance, personal care, skincare, Beauty products, Dietary supplements and even household appliances for you and your whole family.

How do I register myself as a member?

Simply provide us with you information in the form below, and pay in the money through the bank account number provided below.

NB: You will Email us your payment credentials so that we can confirm your registration.

Are the products safe?

 Yes, our products meets or exceeds the regulatory standard requirements in every country where those products are sold. 

How do we make money through Longrich?

Longrich Business investors earn commissions when customers purchase Longrich products through them, as well as sponsoring customers who wish to become Longrich investors.

Why are the pricing of products different than the ones in my country?

This is due to the difference of taxes and shipping in every country, therefore prices and point values (PVs) will differ.