Home Business Ideas: Epic List of Business Ideas to Make Money Online From Home.

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Profitable home business ideas for stay at home mothers and college students

Home business ideas. How can one really come up with a profitable home business idea that works?

Searching for profitable home business ideas really depends on your area of concern. If you have good writing or other creative skills, you’ll definitely have amazing opportunities to start a successful home business.

However, there are thousands of home business ideas where you can do everything online at the comfort of your home. Most at times, people think working from home online necessarily means you have to own a website. That’s not the case.

There are many home business ideas that you can enrol in without having a website. All you need do is leverage the social media platforms and share your products and services with your audience. On the other hand, having a website is a plus in building a successful home business.

In this article, I’m going to share with you 90 plus profitable business ideas that require small or no investments to get started.

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The sky can only be your limit if you take advantage of these home business ideas. And so how much you generate will only depend on how much time you put to build a successful home business.

List of Business Ideas

Profitable Home Business Ideas

Home Business Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

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81. Internet Marketing

82. Tele-seminars

83. Joint Ventures

84. Affiliate Marketing

85. Information Products

86. Network Marketing (MLM)

87. eBay

88. Menu Planner

89. Virtual Tutor

90. Hobby-Related Business

91. Social Media Manager

92. At-Home Daycare

93. Herb Farming

94. Online Store

95. Diaper Cake Designer

96. Pet Sitter

97. Pet Grooming

98. Child Proofing

99. Homeowner referral business

81-99 business ideas for moms

Home Business Ideas for College Students

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100. Academic Tutor

101. Child Care

102. Handmade Shop Owner

103. Social Media Influencer

104. House Cleaner

105. Laundry Service

106. Errand Service

107. Inventor

108. Lawn Care

109. Computer Setup Service

110. Housesitting

111. Gift Wrapping Service

112. Tech Support

113. Technology Tutor

114. Graphics Seller

115. Picking Up Recyclables

116. Party Entertainer

117. Pet Photographer

118. Delivery Service

119. Personal Shopper

120. Leaf Removal

121. Snow Removal

100-121 teenage business ideas

80 Successful Home Business Ideas For Everyone

What kind of home business ideas can be profitable?

Firstly, you have to have in mind that there are many business scams found on the internet. With all this, it’s difficult to locate those that are legit and legal home business opportunities to earn extra money.

No one wants to get caught up in a scam, work hard and then only to find that they will receive no money.

There are a variety of profitable home business ideas that one can build a residual income from.  Some of these successful home business ideas are;

  1. Filling Out Online Surveys

person using MacBook pro

Taking part in online surveys can be very profitable when you want to build a successful home business.

The online survey is a valid way in which you can begin earning money from home online. You can take a few minutes to fill out a survey online and you will quickly be on your way to a paycheck.

Large companies around the world and successful ones have been conducting paid online surveys for a while now.

Per their statistics, the online survey is simply one of the inexpensive and most cost-effective techniques to determine if their products will gain traction when rolled out into the market.

Most importantly, it provides them with more information on where they should go back to the drawing board or not. You will be shocked to know that millions of dollars are dished out for information like this every day.

One thing you should know is that filling online surveys are easy to complete and actually fun. More so, you are helping companies produce better products and services for consumers.

However, we are now in an era where this online paid survey home business idea is picking up and rapidly. Since these companies are coming in with their huge advertising budgets and they need your viewpoint fast.

Top Survey Sites For Home Business

Swagbucks: Highly reliable online surveys and my favourite. Answer surveys, watch videos, play games, and more – Signup Bonus $5       

Pinecone Research: Points are earned for each survey and can be converted into cash or prizes

iSurvey World: Watch videos, play games, answer surveys, and more – Signup Bonus $5

My Points: Points are earned for each survey and can be converted into cash or prizes

Survey Junkie: One of my favourites and highly reliable online surveys – Signup

Inbox Dollars: Answer surveys, watch videos, play games, and more – Signup Bonus $5

  1. Freelance Fashion Designer


Woman Holding Textile

Are you the kind of person that loves sewing, knitting or even making pieces of jewellery? Then this home business idea is for you.

We all know how Fashion design is taking over the trends when it comes to designing.  And this alone creates a huge market online today especially for the younger generations tired of cookie-cutter looks.

Most importantly, you can leverage online marketing programs to promote your business to friends and the world at large.

  1. Event Planner

Planners And Papers

This home business option is for someone who has an eye for detail and exquisite taste when it concerns event planning.

However, most of the planning is done out of the office and still allows you to connect with clients upfront.

  1. Brown Bag Lunch Maker




Setting up a home-based business from this business idea can be very lucrative.

Thousands of parents are out there who wish to keep their children healthy and fit, yet don’t have the time to prepare nutritious lunches for them.

So, if you can cook well and with excellent nutritious values, then think about starting a lunch-making company.

With this home business opportunity, you will be able to deliver brown bag lunches to children in the neighbourhood. And on a monthly basis as well.

Moreover, as long as the idea is good, a good business project writing will land you plenty of investors. That’s if you don’t have the money to get started.

  1. Antique and Rare Auto Finder

Black Red Classic Car in a Garage

Are you a car lover? If yes, then this home business option is for you.

As a car lover, you can offer your services to others by hooking them up with their dream cars. And you charge them 5 to 10% commission.

  1. Virtual Assistant


Man Using VR Goggles

As a virtual assistant, you become an independent contractor by providing administrative services to clients while at home. That is to say, you are operating out of the client’s office.

Today, many companies now pay freelance administrative assistants, called virtual assistants between $20 to $40 per hour. Where you are required to complete tasks like faxing, data entry, scheduling, managing blogs, answering emails and even shopping, etc.

Statistics according to indeed.com shows that the average salary for this type of home business opportunity can be up to $42000

  1. Catering

Assorted Cooked Foods Inside Food Warmers

When it comes to the catering home-based business, then let your passion for cooking drive you to the extreme.

So, if cooking is your hobby, then you may want to consider investing in this huge business opportunity.

However, beginning a catering home business is really all about planning.

First things first, create a name, followed by a business plan, get your business license and then your equipment.

  1. Commercial artist

Man, Old, Painter, Artist, Person

Again, passion always plays a bigger role if you wish to build a successful home business.

If drawing, painting and creative arts are what you are passionate about, then being a commercial artist can be a profitable home-based business for you.

All you need do is advertise your services using marketing platforms and you will have clients crawling in.

You should also have it in mind that most publications and advertisements are always searching for quality commercial artists. And landing two or more could become a jack port.

  1. Nutrition consultant

vegetable salad on plate

Setting up a home-based business when it concerns nutrition shows your love for a healthy lifestyle and shape keeping.

For you to gain attraction, you will have to own a website where you advertise your services.

While on your website, you could talk about your clients whom you have worked with them before. The kind of advice you give them in different cases etc. 

Once you start being popular and accepted, you could make it full time while you earn a steady monthly income.

  1. Voiceover Job

Digital Marketing, Audio, Microphone, Podcast

Voiceover talent is a very competitive home businesses option and can be very profitable as well. And if you do want to get into it, then be ready for the long term like most businesses.

What is a voiceover job or talent?

You must have come across animated video designs, advertisements, etc. where you get a voice narrating a scene but you don’t get to see the person. The person behind the voice is a voiceover artist.

More so, if you have a good voice and ready to showcase your talent then let your passion lead you.

You can find publishers looking for voice-over artiste on websites like;

Mandy.com, PeoplePerHour, Upwork, and Freelancer.

  1. Blogging

Wordpress, Blogging, Writing, Typing, Macbook, Laptop

As long as there is a need for people to get valuable information on the internet, bloggers will never stop ridding.

Blogging can be a profitable home-based business opportunity if you take it seriously. That’s because the income potential is almost limitless.

Also, you should know that growing an audience in a particular niche takes time. But if you stay focus and connect with your audience, then you will surely grow a successful home business.

With a hosting platform like the siteground, your site could be up and running in no time. When it comes to hosting websites, they are one of the best out there.

If providing valuable information and making the internet a better place is your thing, then contact us for your website.

  1. Ghostwriter

MacBook Pro near white open book

Ghostwriting simply means writing unique content for others and authorizing all rights of the content to the person paying you. When I talk of authorizing all rights, it means your name will not be inclusive in the published article.

Looking for a home-based business opportunity so you can be able to showcase your writing gifts and generate some income? Then ghostwriting is not for you.

Just kidding! As long as you have that charisma for writing, becoming a Ghostwriter for any topic is for you.

Also, you should be aware that as a ghostwriter, you don’t choose a topic that suits your personality and style. Instead, you simply write on the topic given to you by the person you are rendering your services to.

Most importantly, know that ghostwriters serve a community of authors, internet marketers, speakers, and website owners.

Be sure to generate cash from $7 per article (low end) and thousands of dollars for a complete book

  1. Real Estate Business

Sale, Sold, Hand, Signature, House, Purchase

I’m certain by now you know real estate is a hot and lucrative business. As lucrative as it is, it takes hard work to grow an empire in this business.

So much money can be generated from this kind of home business where you buy and sell properties. But there are some significant things that you have to consider before investing in this type of home business.

Here are some points you have to consider in order to grow a successful home business. Note that these points or questions are answered when you are about purchasing a property.

  • Understanding the market which will help you get the best deals in the market.
  • What type of homes sells best in that area or town?
  • You should know the good and bad areas of that town
  • Where is crime wave rampant?
  • The total population
  • Also, you should be able to know some of the major job providers in the area

In closing, it is no doubt that the real estate home-based business is very profitable. But it requires a lot of work.

Its either you hire a real estate agent to get the job done quickly. Or you take on the difficult manual labour yourself and get the job done. Hard work definitely pays.  

  1. Interior Designer

Architecture, House, 3D, Design

Interior design is definitely a home business idea that works and very profitable as well.

Though lucrative, it is also challenging as well. There is increasing competition when it comes to this home business and clients generally want to hire experienced home decorators.

Still, if you put down some smart marketing strategies as a starter, you will definitely gain grounds. Also, you must research all the aspects of this home business before diving into it.

  1. Graphic Design

Workplace, Computer, Creative, Graphic, Mobile, Macbook

Have you ever thought of a business that doesn’t require the skills of a graphic designer? I guess not.

Most businesses use graphic designers to help express information visually, advertisement, websites, posters, infographics, logos, and the list goes on.

Acquiring graphic design skills is something you need to think of if you are passionate about it.

However, other than purchasing the software, this home business opportunity is not as tough as others. You can work from anywhere once you have a good computer that can run the software smoothly.

In conclusion, if you have the design skills most businesses need then this home business idea is for you. Also, one thing you should note is, it is very lucrative.

  1. Web Design

Startup, Business, People, Students, Office, Strategy

Meanwhile, technology has made it easier for anyone to design a website without coding, many businesses still prefer to hire a web designer to build and manage their websites.

Most importantly, one thing you should know is web design jobs are on a rise and will continue to grow. As long as new businesses are created every day, web design jobs will always be available.

In closing, according to salary.com the median earnings for a web designer is over $70,000 per year. And ranging from $50,000 to $100,000.

Just look at the numbers! Amazing right? This shows that web designing is one of the best and most successful home-based business ideas on the planet.

  1. Web Development

Code, Programming, Hacking, Html, Web, Data, Design

If you love being at the back end or front end then becoming a developer is your home-based business option.

As a developer, you must acquire coding skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other web design coding languages.

Similarly, other responsibilities of a developer can be;

Graphic design, present design specs, troubleshoot website problems, maintain and update websites and always be updated with technology.

The same manner in which hardware is the foundation for software, web developers are the base of web designers.

The median salary for developers according to salary.com is $110,750 ranging from $44,760 to $176,739

  1. Google Paid Ad Expert


post-2014 iPhone on white surface

As a paid Ad specialist, you must acquire skills in internet marketing. These skills will help you create winning Ads in any Advertising platform.

You can make some extra income as a freelancer to manage or run a company’s Google Ad Campaign.

As long as you are good at what you do, you will always have clients willing to pay for your services.

  1. Beer Brewing


Beer, Irish, Pub, Drink, Bar, Pint, Ale

Do you enjoy a great taste for beer? Then why not make your own brand as a side home-based business idea?

With so many beer lovers out there, coming up with a unique great beer taste could land you a fortune. There are ready to pay for it anyway.

In closing, make sure to invest your time and do proper research which will definitely pay off.

Also, make sure to shop your brand to friends and family and get their opinion about your brand.

  1. Online Courses

man wearing headset

As an online course creator, you must be knowledgeable enough in a particular niche or field. This helps you solve people’s problems and effectively through your courses.

You can sell these courses online through your blog or email list or on other platforms like Udemy.

Also, you can build a passive income out of your courses as long as they are valuable.

In conclusion, if you love helping people solve problems in whatever niche, then this home business option is for you.

  1. eBook Author

man holding black reading book

If you have a book in mind, then, setting up a profitable home-based business will earn you some extra income.

All you need to do is write down your ebook and get it published on online platforms like amazon.

Also, you can do your own promotions by advertising your ebooks on your blog which offers great help. Ebook writing is a perfect way to make money online fast from home.

  1. BookKeeping

Bookkeeping, Accounting, Taxes, Settlement, Calculator

If you are a trained accountant, then you should consider this home business idea.

As a freelance bookkeeper, it’s not a must for you to be a certified public accountant.

Smaller businesses that do not need or can’t afford a fulltime bookkeeper will benefit most from your services.

Also, this makes it possible to set up a full-time business as you work for several smaller clients.

  1. Online Coaching

man holding black reading book

Online coaching is for does who enjoy working with people and helping them acquire their objectives and potential

Setting up a home-based business and charging for your services is a great way to generate extra income from home.

Similarly, technology has made online coaching as easy as ABC. With internet tools like zoom, webinars, skype, etc, you can reach out to thousands of people with your coaching expertise.

This explains why online coaching in the last few years has been making waves. So, if you have the skills to connect and help people succeed, then online coaching is a home business opportunity for you.

  1. Podcasting

woman in black half-sleeved shirt sitting while facing woman and smiling

If you have noticed, today, everyone seems to be making money online through their podcast.

The reason why this is making waves is due to the fact that the demand for audio-only content is on the rise. And the only way to produce this kind of audio content is through podcasting.

Choosing a podcast as a home business for the long term requires a lot of work but its profitable. Here are a few things you have to consider when starting a podcasting home business.

  • Choose a topic you are good at
  • Put in your best in creating the best podcast possible in your niche and steadily grow your audience.
  • A unique selling proposition for advertisers should be developed.

With all this put in place, you can make money with your podcast by advertising your products. And if you don’t have, you can sign up for affiliate programs and mention them in your podcast.

In closing, as long as you are excellent at podcasting, you’ll always have clients knocking to help advertise their businesses.

  1. Local Business Consulting


two men in suit sitting on sofa

When it comes to starting a business, we all know that it requires time and dedication. But for an entrepreneur that has expertise in a specific niche, a consulting business can be rewarding.

If you can help small businesses on strategy, problem-solving, and planning, then you can set up a successful home business.

So be rest assured that businesses whether big or small, will always seek your expertise as long as you are good.

  1. Internet Security Consulting

Computer, Security, Padlock, Hacker, Hacking, Theft

If you have a wide knowledge of internet security, then you can consider this home business idea.

That is to say, you can become an internet security consultant for smaller businesses and build a fortune.

  1. The Cell Phone Case Business

Cell Phone, Case, Microsoft, Communication, Phone

Who doesn’t use a cell phone these days and wouldn’t love to protect it?

With a huge growing market for mobile phone accessories, you can grow a (6-7) figure at home business from this idea.

With Case Escape having your back, you can get your own phone case home business up and running in no time.

Once up and running, you can market your phone cases on Amazon Handmade, Etsy, Fancy and other marketing platforms.

  1. Fiverr Gigs

If you are looking for a great market place to showcase your skills as a first-time freelancer, then Fiverr is for you.

What is Fiverr and what makes it so unique for freelancers?

Simply Fiverr is a market place where employers find talent for their programs or projects. Hence facilitates the meetings between employers and freelancers.

One thing I really love about this platform is the fact that employers can find just about any service or products starting from $5 dollars.

So as a freelancer, you get to post your services and work samples to attract buyers. It’s simply amazing!

Here are some examples of services you could never imagine freelancers offer on Fiverr. So don’t be scared to signup and get started. There is room for all.

  • “I will say anything for you in funny African voice” starting at $5
  • “I will have Jesus personally deliver your video message” starting at $10
  • “I will say anything as drunk” starting at $10
  • “I will add your logo or text in 4 coffee cups mockups” starting at $5

The list goes on and on. That’s why Fiverr is a great market place for freelancers just about offering any services and you make money.

One excellent thing about Fiverr is that you don’t do the marketing by your self, they do it for you. As long as you have a great star review, customers will reach out to you and purchase your services.

One top benefit that Fiverr offers is that you can “acquire amazing skills on Fiverr Learn” in a niche you are most passionate about.

However, depending on how you generate the millions on Fiverr as a freelancer or an affiliate partner, everything depends on the energy and how determined you are to make a successful home business.

  1. Squadhelp (Earn $250 Typing Names)

Squadhelp is another market place like Fiverr where you get paid by just completing a simple task.

For example, there are so many companies who need to come up with name ideas for whatever thing they are selling.

What these companies do is they go to Squadhelp.com and list projects that require you to come up with a brand name, company name, etc. And when your name is chosen by the company, you get paid.

Signup with Squadhelp today and start earning morning by typing names or designing logos.

  1. Portrait Photographer

Puppy, Dog, Pet, Night, Schäfer Dog

Portrait photography is a profitable home business idea where you can acquire skills and become an online freelancer in no time.

First things first, with a good digital camera in your hands you are good to go.

You can use your camera to do free shoots for family and friends while building a strong online portfolio.

Also, this will help you develop professional editing and photography skills where you will get paid as your side business idea.

To get started, you can check out the portrait photography class that broadcasts regularly for free on CreativeLive.

  1. Wedding Photographer

Bride, Prague, Groom, Wedding Photo, Wedding, Pair

As a wedding photographer, you need to be extremely good because every couple wants the best for their wedding.

Remember it’s a one-time thing and it has to be memorable.

Here are some of the things that most couples consider before landing you the job.

  • Specialized and well kept professional equipment
  • A valid and legal sales tax license
  • Ask for the latest proof of business insurance
  • A permanent studio
  • Membership in a professional photographic association
  • Examples of recent works

Since most professional wedding photographers charge from $2,500 – $ 10,000 to shoot a wedding, that shows how this at home business idea is very profitable.

CreativeLive offers a Complete Wedding Photography Experience which can help you get up to speed. Their programs will definitely help you launch a successful home business in wedding photography.

  1. Stock Photographer

man holding can with orange smoke standing beside man holding camera

Stock photography is more focus on happy moments. For example taking photos of children playing and blowing bubbles, happy and smiling families, friends at a pool party, etc.

So if you are passionate about capturing beautiful moments as mentioned above, then you can become a stock photographer.

As a stock photographer, you can consider selling your images as a side business idea to a stock photo company like iStockPhoto, Shutterstock, Unsplash.

However, for you to be successful at your home business, own a photography website and showcase your portfolio. Hence you will be open to higher-paid private corporate work.

  1. Video Production

black camera

As a talented video producer, you have a wide market right in front of you. You can freelance on creating youtube videos for companies, organizations, and individuals and make lots of money from that.

Who does want to own a youtube channel these days?  Your services will always be needed.

Fiverr.com opens up a great market place for you as a freelancer.

  1. Dating Consultant

man kissing woman forehead

Believe it or not, so many people find it difficult to handle issues during courtship. And you can leverage this home business idea by setting up a dating consulting agency as a home business.

As a dating consultant, you will be able to charge and make some extra income out of it. All you need is to be a smooth talker and you are good to go.

People are paying for this and you can use your skills and leverage as a part-time or fulltime home business.

As a freelance bookkeeper, it’s not a must for you to be a certified public accountant.

Smaller businesses that do not need or can’t afford a fulltime bookkeeper will benefit most from your services.

Also, this makes it possible to set up a full-time business as you work for several smaller clients.

  1. Greeting Cards

assorted-color card lot

Starting up a greeting card business is a profitable business idea that can land you a fortune.

People need these greeting cards for countless occasions such as weddings, birthdays, condolence and the list goes on and on.

Similarly, most people don’t even think of offering a gift without a gift card attached to it.

In closing, if you have a unique idea of designing greeting cards and also have a talent for writing or artistic flair, then consider starting a home-based greeting card business.

You can also earn up to $350 from this greeting card company for every poem you write published by them.

  1. Drive for Lyft or Uber


Well, lots of people have fun driving customers from one town to the next for an extra income. But before you get into this side hustle, its good you do proper research to know what is required of you.

Once you are done, you can signup for Uber or Lyft and start earning some extra cash as a driver.

Also, Lyft is offering over $1000 as a guarantee to become a Lyft driver. This is a program offered by Lyft and it’s called Earnings Guaranteed.

According to the Lyft website, the program offers a promotion claiming drivers will earn an assured amount within a specific time frame. And that if the drivers don’t make the assured amount within that period, Lyft will make the difference up.

At the moment, $1000 is the assured amount offered by Lyft. It doesn’t get better than this. Drive with Lyft

  1. Rent Your Car (Turo)

Shake Hand, Buy, Car, Deal, Automotive

Turo offers an excellent platform where you can make some extra cash by renting your car. You can do that if you have more than one or on days you don’t get to use your car.

This is a great home business idea for work at home moms or any other person. So head over to Turo today and make money by renting your car.

  1. Rent Out a Room or House

white-petaled flowers in vase

Isn’t technology amazing? Thanks to Airbnb, Vacasa, and Vrbo who have created an online market place that sets up rooming options between visitors and a host.

If you have a spare bedroom or a guest house, you can list it on Vrbo and make that an income source.

What you charge per night depends on where your house is and how beautiful it is. Also about signing up, it’s very easy to do so.

Similarly, there is another unique way to earn money on Airbnb if you don’t have a house to list.

You can simply sign up as an Experienced Host on Airbnb. Then get paid for showing the tourists a good time in places not yet discovered by tourists in your area.

However, if you think this is a great business idea for you, then head over to VRBO, Airbnb or Vacasa.

  1. App Developer

Coding, Programming, Css

Today almost every business owner wants to have an app for his or her business. This is because more people have engaged in using smartphones which provides a greater user experience for their daily activities.

As an app developer, you are open to thousands of businesses out there yet to have an app. Apps provide better user experiences for businesses hence increases engagement.

So considering this at home business idea could be a great fit for you.

  1. News Correspondent Online

Reporter, Camera, Journalist, Media

Journalism these days is no longer a matter of acquiring a degree before becoming a reporter. If you are passionate about journalism, you can set up a side business for local news coverage.

So many news websites are out there that will love to pay you for helping them out with local news coverage. HuffPost is a good example of these news websites.

  1. Teach English from Your Couch

person reading book while drinking beverage

This is a home-based business idea that I know of friends who teach from home online. And most of them teach students based in China, Hong Kong or the UAE.

Most Chinese parents are willing to pay over $25 per hour to see their kids learn the English language.

You can signup for VIPKID online teaching, an educational company based in china and start teaching today.

Also, you can often check on Indeed, Learn4Good, and Remote.co where you have remote English tutoring jobs posted.

  1. Buy Used Electronics and Refurbish Them





Free Stock Photo of Inside a computer

This is a profitable at-home business idea if you are good at fixing electronics that are faulty.  Some people focus on buying and fixing faulty electronics while others focus more on refurbishing.  

  1. Data Analysis

Analysis, Analytics, Business, Charts

School graduates, businessmen, doctors, etc, collect data for their projects every year and companies have data to be analyzed. So if you have the skills to make these collected data meaningful between your clients and others, then why not start a data analysis business.

Median Salary can be up to $110,100 ranging from $86,601 to $1,37,037

  1. Start a YouTube Channel

Youtube, Tablet, News, App, Computer

Another great way many people make money online is through their youtube videos. If you can are passionate about a particular topic and can create valuable content through videos, then you are good to grow.

People generate millions of US dollars through their youtube channels. And this is not done overnight. You need to put in the work, time and be consistent in order for you to achieve the results.

This YouTube playbook will help you achieve faster results if you are considering starting a YouTube Channel.

  1. Personal Fitness Trainer

Personal Trainer, Gym, Fitness, Work Out

According to salary.com, the median salary for a fitness trainer is over $31,000.

So if you are passionate about workouts and know something about exercise and nutrition, then you are good to go.

You can either help others exercise either out of home or at a gym.

  1. Meditation or Yoga Instructor

Women, Yoga Classes, Asana, Fitness

The high rate in demand for yoga instructors is as a result of it being so popular today.

As a yoga instructor, you can link up with yoga studios today and offer some lessons as a side business.

  1. Translator


Workplace, Team, Business Meeting, tranlating class

If you can speak multiple languages, then signing up as a freelance translator can be a profitable home business idea for you.

You can signup as a freelance translator at Flexjobs today.

  48. Music Instructor

Children, Violin, Street, Instruments

If you are good at playing musical instruments then you can start up a home business as a musical instructor.

Most private musical instructors in all domain charge over $(20-100)/hr or more depending on his/her professionalism.

  1. Tour Guide

people riding on boat

First things first, you need to be passionate about things like travelling, meeting new people, nature, etc in order for you to start up a Tour company.

So if you love your city, starting up a local tour company will definitely land you a fortune. 

  1. Accounting Business

Secretary, Used, Glasses

Every company or business owner would love to track records of finances, put together annual financial reports, and reaching out to clients. This is where you come in as an accountant to keep track of these records.

So if you think this site business is for you, then consider making some extra cash working from home.

  1. Building a Niche Website


Internet, Laptop, Video, Network, Page

A niche website is one of the greatest ways to make money online. This is because you are building a business on what you are passionate about and providing quality as well.

So if you passionate about any topic, you can get a blog or learn how to make a website and monetize it.

Note that it is not as easy as saying it with the mouth. You need to put in your time and grow your audience centred around your niche.

  1. Car Washing and Detailing

woman holding bucket

Do car owners really have the time to clean and tidy up their cars? From what I have seen most car owners don’t have that time. And this at home business idea can make you a wealthy entrepreneur in no time.

So, if you are into cars, then setting up a car wash business can be very profitable.

You can make some extra income by offering car wash services to most car owners today.

Just Better Soap Industries provides more information on how to get started with your car wash business

  1. Carpet Cleaning

If you are considering opening a carpet cleaning service, then you will certainly invest in some cleaning equipment. Some of which are carpet brushes, vacuum cleaners, and cleaning chemicals.

However, you can also look into the possibility of renting cleaning equipment if you don’t have the budget to own yours.

  1. Computer Repair

Service, Computers, Repair, Electronics

In Bamenda Cameroon, computer repair is a side business idea for most young people. One good example is my friend Nelson, who owns One-click computers where they focus on computer repairs, reprogramming of phones, etc.

So, if you are passionate about repairing computers or phones, then why not start your own side business.

However, if you do not have the skills to get started, then One-Click computers Bamenda is there for you.

  1. Handyman

Handyman, Furniture Assembly, Drill

Setting up a home repair service doesn’t necessarily mean you have all the skills a handyman needs.

You can set up the service and get handymen who specialized in certain skills and ready to offer them based on consumer needs.

The median salary is over $40,000 and more depending on the types of jobs you take on.

  1. Mural Painting

man painting on wall

A mural painter is one whose work of art is more focused on painting physical structures such as; ceilings or floors of private, nonprofit or governmental settings and interior walls. 

Also, mural painters can also work on the exterior side of buildings, roofs, gates, and other surfaces.

So, if you have a thing about putting colours together and making homes beautiful, then you can consider this side business.

  1. Become a DJ

person playing on controller

This is a side business idea you must be passionate about in order to get started. So you can take time and develop skills at either being a professional at mixing or making your own music.

This ultimate guide on becoming a DJ will definitely help you to get started.

However, in order for you to land your first job with this business idea, you need to have a great knowledge of mixing, music product, and sound design.

  1. Dog Walking

person walking on sand with dog

Do you know why dogs are the only animals that don’t work before eating? That’s because they are amazing and welcoming as well.

Most dog owners are never at home to take them for a walk. So if you love dogs why not convert your love for them into a side business idea?

This home business idea can generate regular profits by just taking them out for a stroll.

Dog walking services is a growing industry across some cities in the USA. Statistics show that roughly 70% of Americans own pets in their homes. And becoming a dog walker can land you a fortune.

In fact, there is an app that helps link dog owners to dog walkers and that only, is a boost for your business.

  1. Buying and Selling of Domain Names

The same principles used in buying and selling of stocks also applies when it comes to buying and selling websites.

As the internet grows rapidly, also does the need for businesses to acquire new websites. This has led to the rapid growth of buying and selling websites as a home business idea for most people.

A major reason why people sell websites might be, a change in organization priorities or not generating enough profits. Other than that, most people are specialized in building, growing it and selling at a later date.

Here are some guides to use when buying a website for future profits.

  • The user traffic
  • Current revenue intake
  • The domain name and other factors that can generate revenue underlooked by others.

Market Place



Digital Point Forum


Empire Flippers



Buysell Empire

Website Properties INC

Newegg Marketplace

If you are considering this at home business idea, then sign up into any of the market places to get started. Also, make sure to get more knowledge about it and do it in the right manner.

  1. Buying and Selling of Domain Names

The same principles used in buying and selling of stocks also applies when it comes to buying and selling websites.

As the internet grows rapidly, also does the need for businesses to acquire new websites. This has led to the rapid growth of buying and selling websites as a home business idea for most people.

A major reason why people sell websites might be, a change in organization priorities or not generating enough profits. Other than that, most people are specialized in building, growing it and selling at a later date.

Here are some guides to use when buying a website for future profits.

  • The user traffic
  • Current revenue intake
  • The domain name and other factors that can generate revenue underlooked by others.

Market Place



Digital Point Forum


Empire Flippers



Buysell Empire

Website Properties INC

Newegg Marketplace

If you are considering this at home business idea, then sign up into any of the market places to get started. Also, make sure to get more knowledge about it and do it in the right manner.

  1. Wedding Planning

bride throwing flower bouquet on women during daytime

Most people who get to becoming wedding planners often are people who are excited about romance and the beauty of weddings.

This is a top at home business idea that anyone passionate at making weddings memorable, can embrace.

Becoming a wedding planner professional makes you feel like you are in a world of your own. But can be very difficult and time-consuming if you try to figure things out by yourself to get started.

According to salary.com, the median salary for a wedding planner is up to $38,601

But with America Acadamy of Wedding Professionals, you can become a pro in no time.

Sign-up for a Pro course today

  1. Travel Planning

Globe Trotter, Traveller, Globe, Map

There are so many people who travel a lot and planning a trip is time-consuming and a complicated process.

That is where you come in as a travel planner. Travel planners facilitate this process to their clients in addition to giving consultation services and full travel packages.

As a travel agent, your job is to book flights, rental cars, tours, and accommodation, as well as resort stay and events.

  1. Party Planning

color fun run photograph

As long as people get married, celebrate birthdays, host events, etc you will always be busy as a party planner.

The median salary is up to $49,000

  1. T-Shirt Printing Business

Clothing, Bridge, Male, Urbal, In Black And White, Back

Starting up a T-shirt printing business is one of those home business ideas that require some level of investment.

With a creative mind and passion for great T-shirts designs, you can make huge profits from this business idea.

Again do your research for the T-shirt printing business to help put you on the right track.

  1. Public Speaking

man standing infront of group of people

As a skilled public speaker, you can consider making some money through this profitable at home business idea.

Similarly, as a public speaker, you have the opportunity to speak in front of a hugely diverse group of people. As well as clubs and nonprofit organizations.

So starting a public speaking home business creates an opening to meet potential clients and ascertain credibility. And as well as setting up your own fee.

  1. Moving Service


person using laptop attach to vehicle near green leaf plant during daytime

Offering a full moving service can be a profitable home business idea to consider these days.

With so many people moving in and out to various locations and need help with transporting their belongings and furniture, you can make a fortune out of that.

So if you have a large vehicle, you can actually consider this home business idea as another source of income.

  1. Home-Based Makeup Services

woman getting lips applied with lipstick

Are you passionate about making others look good? Then setting up a home-based business from this business idea is for you.

It’s like these days, ladies are getting into social media competition to showcase their beauty. And if you can make them achieve that beauty in the makeup world, then, a home business will do.

  1. Recycling

pile of paper garbages

As a small business entrepreneur, you could be living the life of your dreams. That’s because the world is all yours.

What questions do you ask yourself if you wish to start up a recycling business around your area?

First things first, find out if there is a recycling business around your area. If not, then consider starting up one.

And if there is a private one,  you can rather start a pickup and delivery service for people’s recyclables.

So if you are considering this at home business idea, check out what your plastics can become and get started.

Remember the world is all yours as a small business entrepreneur.

  1. Career Coach

three women sitting beside table

As more people get into the job market, job opportunities become scares, the greater the need for a Career Coach.

So if you have the professional skills and love helping people reach their goals, then, a career coaching business might just be for you.

According to salary.com, the median salary of a career coach is $50,178 ranging from $40,324 to $ 62,328.

  1. Writing and Editing Resumes

person writing on brown wooden table near white ceramic mug

There are thousands of people out there who don’t know a thing about writing a good resume for themselves.

One thing that gives you an upper hand above others when searching for a job is having a good resume.

So if you are good at this home business idea, why not offer your services to job seekers.

  1. Business Plan Writing Service

person writing on white paper

Businesses looking for investors and lenders need to show a detailed business plan in clear and straightforward writing. This gives a clear view of how the business will run, what profits will be made and at what time?

Most importantly, good business plan writers are always in high demand.

Note that a business that has a good business plan will always be more successful than that without a plan.

So if you are good with this at home business idea, then consider starting a business plan writing service.

Learn how to start your own business plan service today.

  1. Call Center Representative

man using IP phone inside room

Customer service calls can some times be annoying especially when you get on a call with someone having a poor English accent.

This gives the reason why home-shore is becoming a major motorist of domestic jobs in the call centre rep.

So if you’ve got a telephone line and a good internet service, you can work from home as a call centre representative.

Median salary: $31,000

  1. Baking



person holds tray of muffins on tray

Yesterday while talking to a friend on the phone, I asked her to help me with some home business ideas. And that I was working on an article about profitable business ideas working from home.

She immediately told me she will be launching her baking home business in a week’s time. I was like wow!!! Amazing.

I didn’t waste any time but take it down.

So if you are passionate about making decorative cakes, artful pastries, cookies,  artisan bread, etc? Then you just found yourself a home business idea for your passion.

Mediann salary: $26, 520

  1. Personal Chef

chef on focus photography

There are a lot of people who get so busy with work and don’t have the time to cook for themselves. I think I’m one of them.

That’s where you come in as a personal chef.

The best way to get started is by identifying your target market and then offering your services to them.

Median salary per hour: $18.07

  1. Furniture Repair and Reforming

Paint, Brush, Painting, Repair

If redesigning furniture and repairing depreciated ones is your thing why not set up a repair service for that?

There are thousands out there that would love to make their furniture look new again. You can make a fortune out of this business idea.

  1. ElderCare

Hospice, Care, Patient, Elderly, Old

As an ElderCare specialist, you are required to make daily home calls and check on the needs of your patient.

Some of these daily checks are food preparation, minor home repairs, self-care, etc.

You can make it big in this business if you are passionate about taking care of the elderly. Leverage social media platforms to promote your services not forgetting care.com.

The median salary is $20,170

  1. Landscape Design

some one holding a pencil and drawing on a paper

Who does wish to have a beautiful landscape design at his home like the ones in a movie?

This is an industry that is fast-growing and lucrative as well. You can obtain skills from a degree program or from another landscape designer.

The median salary is roughly $48,644

  1. Online Store


a laptop on a table, online store

Gone are those days where for you to sell your own products, you needed a storefront to do that. With technology taking over, you can sell anything to anyone in the world.

One good thing is you can run an online store without having to own any product.

If you wish to learn how I make money by recommending organic products to people online, then check out this unique business opportunity.

  1. Personal Organizer

clothes and shoes inside wardrobe

Are you the type of person who loves helping others organize their closets, offices or businesses? Then, you can make a fortune out of it.

You can actually set up a successful home business where you charge for organizing services. A lot of people these days don’t have the time to rearrange their homes, offices, closets, etc. They just have everything packed together and disorganized.

That’s where you come in.

Becoming a professional in a home business idea like this can be very profitable.

  1. Home Staging

round brown wooden table with six white leather padded chairs

Most people in the real estate business don’t have the time to rearrange their estates to attract buyers.

If you love playing around with furniture and making the house look superbly great then home staging is your thing.

So, why not step in and set up a successful home business and help attract buyers quickly for home sellers.

  1. Freelance Writing Business

Entrepreneur, Startup, Start-Up, Man

Every day thousands of blogs are being created and these blogs need content to attract readers. And as a freelance writer, that’s where you come in. That is creating new written content about a variety of topics for readers of journals, websites, magazines, books, newspapers, etc.

19 Business Ideas Perfect for Stay at Home Moms

Before I dish out the home business ideas with low startup costs, I will like to share with you a little story.

The world is made of two types of people. Those who see the glass half empty and those who see it half full.

I had this experience when I was at lunch with my old colleague. As we were discussing, he began complaining about rich men and that only they could start up a business. At first, I thought it was a joke.

I only realized it was serious when he had ranted for over twenty minutes. He gave all types of reasons not being able to start up his own business and gain financial freedom. Then he further made mention of high-cost startups business ideas such as franchising and real estate development.

When he was finally calm, I decided to ask him one question. Alain, have you ever asked yourself what kind of home business ideas with low startup cost and high-profit margins are out there?

He gave me a stunned look as if he has seen a ghost. Then I told him he has just been asking the wrong question like thousands of others do.

Alain sat down for a minute and said, “Ok, if you’re so clever then give me some ideas”. I said, “wonderful”.

By the way, let’s make it a little interesting and focus on profitable home business ideas you can work from home in your pyjamas.

Here are some top home business ideas with a low startup cost.

81. Internet Marketing

Digital Marketing, Seo, Google, Emarketing, Sem, Serp

Do you have a computer or a smartphone? If yes then it’s a gold mine you are sitting on. People are using these gadgets and leveraging the internet to do all sorts of things.

For instance from a multibillion-dollar health and personal care industry, you could create a passive income working from home. That is to say, you can grow a successful home business from this Industry.

How does it work?

Firstly, you simply earn commissions by recommending people products that you believe they will benefit from.

Also, if you know how to do anything that can be of great help to others, simply sell your skills to those in need. Almost everyone is using the internet today. So, why not create a product and market it using the internet?

In short, become part of the people leveraging the internet and going after their own dot com fortune.

82. Tele-seminars


man holding microphone near flat screen TV

Teleseminars are taking the world and businesses by storm. Using it to the fullest and teaching what you know to the world can earn you some good passive income.

Let’s use the scenario of you teaching what you know. That means you have qualified automatically as an expert in your field.

Whether you are a graphic designer, a salesperson, a small business owner, an author or a coach, you establish credibility when people are willing to learn from you.

For instance setting up a conference call with an audience ready to learn from you is huge. However, you can also record the class which serves as lead gen in your business.

83. Joint Ventures


Handshakes, Congratulations, Hands, Shake, Congratulate

The joint venture profitable home business idea is simple. If you are the type that likes the idea of not needing a product then joint venturing is for you.

This home business idea is simply the art of the deal. That is to say, get paid with your ability to bring together two parties to work on a business project. Or any other thing profitable.

Take for instance you are able to combine a company’s product, resources, knowledge, and partner it with another companies’ client list. Then, you get to share in the profits.

84. Affiliate Marketing


three men sitting while using laptops and watching man beside whiteboard

When it comes to the affiliate marketing at home business idea, almost everyone is talking about it. That shows you how lucrative affiliate marketing is when done properly.

What is affiliate marketing all about?

It simply means marketing another person’s products and earning commissions from your sales.

There are thousands of products ranging from books, digital downloads, electronics, and any other stuff you can think of.

Your job as an affiliate is to search for products based on your target market and sell to them. You simply earn a percentage of the sales you make.

Some profitable affiliate programs you can sign up from and start earning today

  • PropellerAds: How does it work and how much can I earn? With propeller Ads, once you’re certified as a publisher you can start using your referral links found on your dashboard.

Once someone signups through your referral-link as a Propeller Ads publisher, you earn a 5% commission of his future revenue.

  • Fiverr: One of my favourite affiliate programs. You earn commissions from Fiverr by just driving traffic to their website through your affiliate link. Signup for fiver affiliates today!
  • ClickBank: They have tones of products you can become an affiliate for.
  • Amazon Associates: With amazon associates, when you signup for their affiliate program, you are given a referral link. And when people buy through your link, you earn commissions from it.
  • Commission Junction
  • Click Funnels
  • ShareAsale

85. Information Products

woman using laptop

Information products are one of the most profitable low-cost home business ideas you can get into.

If you are skilled at something or can-do research and report on it, then you can develop products that are highly profitable.

For example, conducting an interview with experts in different high demand niche market generates success faster.

However, once you’re done with the interviews, you can then create different products from the interview.  Here are some of the things you can do to earn high commissions.

  • Sell the recording itself or the transcript of the call
  • Create an e-book from the content conducted in the interview
  • Also, create an expert series from the different interviews conducted.

86. Network Marketing (MLM)

man standing in front of group of men

Here is one of my favourite home business ideas. Let me tell you why it is my favourite.

Network marketing has always been my favourite home business because it deals mostly with self-development. Similarly, the same manner in which a business is built and developed.

How it works

Firstly, simply find a multibillion-dollar company that you are passionate about the products. And secondly, a company that has a proven system, managerial board, and powerful team leadership.

One misconception most people have about MLM is that they believe you get rich off the back of someone else. For me, it’s not true.

Here is why?

It isn’t true because the business is built on the fact that you get paid on your;

  • Ability to recommend products you believe is beneficial to others. For example, we know thousands of women suffering from menstrual cramps, vagina itches, fibroid, etc. If you come across a company that has an organic product for that problem, what would you do? Simply sign up and recommend the products to those in need of a solution.
  • Ability to recruit, inspire, support, train and lead people who are willing to better or improve their financial status.

However, for those who can do this the rewards are great. So, get on board today and let me help guide you through on achieving a successful home business.

Here is my top network marketing company which offers a wide range of products (over 2000 plus products). These products range from health and fitness appliances, beauty products, personal care, skincare, dietary supplements, etc.

87. eBay

person using phone and laptop

eBay is one remarkable home-based business idea you can leverage today. You get to sell anything on eBay.

Recently I was introduced to the eBay home business idea by a friend.  How did he build an empire from eBay?

Firstly, he never had any money so he went on to sell a “tape set” a friend had created. The product was simply a collection of interviews with successful entrepreneurs. The very first sale they made from the tape set was $38.00 and from there, they went on to build a franchise.

If you wish to get profits quickly, then head over to eBay and get started.

However, have it in mind that one mans junk is another man’s treasure. That’s why you can get things from your garage today and make sales on eBay tomorrow.

88. Menu Planner

Menu-printed board with brown frame on table

Many people face a lot of difficulty in planning their meals. This might be as a result of not having enough time or not knowing the right ingredients to use based on their health goal.

So, if you are passionate about this at home business idea, then you should consider starting a menu planner service.

However, the best way to start this business is to go online through a website or a blog. Also, you can build your network using social media platforms while offering menu samples on your blog.

In closing, you can then offer to sell menu plans weekly or customized ones based on the customer’s dietary needs. You might also want to consider doing a proper research and business plan to help you get started.

89. Virtual Tutor

men's blue collared top near silver MacBook

If you have a love for teaching, then, distant or remote tutoring is a great job you can do from home.

Programs such as skype, zoom, etc will help you reach out to students in the area of study you are best familiar at.

You can head over to sites like TutorVista.com, Tutor.com, and Sylvan Learning to get started.

90. Hobby-Related Business

man writing on paper

One thing most people fail when starting any business is the lack of passion they possess for it. And the few who excel, are almost 100% passionate about what they do.

However, if you are good at creating something that people need, you can design them and sell on eBay. Or maybe if you don’t want to design them, you can create and sell tutorials showing how it’s done.

91. Social Media Manager

Social, Media, Manager, Online, Organization, Embassies

There are many business owners and giant companies who need social media to boost their business or brand.

So if you have a great social media presence and can help boost these brands and businesses, then you are on your way to financial freedom.

Most importantly, use the skills you have and get paid for rendering services for people who need them.

According to payscale.com, the average social media manager salary is $50,231

92. At-Home Daycare

Three Toddler Eating on White Table

Opening a daycare service centre is very lucrative and helpful for parents whose jobs don’t allow them to take care of their kids.

This home business idea is good for stay at home parents and has a median salary of over $19,300

93. Herb Farming

Apple Cider Vinegar, Food, Harvest, Market

We all know gardening sometimes can be exciting and profitable as well. You may want to ask grandma about that.

Moreover, we leave in an era where demand for locally grown and organic foods is very high. As a herb farmer, you can find plenty of customers like me, in developed or urban areas.

Today everyone’s goal is to stay healthy and strong and only natural foods can help them achieve that goal.

94. Online Store

Black and Gray Laptop Computer With Turned-on Screen Beside Person Holding Red Smart Card in Selective-focus Photography

Gone are those days where for you to sell your own products, you needed a storefront to do that. With technology taking over, you can sell anything to anyone in the world.

One good thing is you can run an online store without having to own any product.

However, If you wish to learn how I make money by recommending organic products to people online, then check out this unique business opportunity.

95. Diaper Cake Designer

Pink Flower Cake

Having a diaper cake for a baby shower can be an amazing gift. However, when it comes to the artistic skills of pulling that off, not everyone can do it.

So if you have the artistic skill in creating amazing diaper looking designs, why not embrace this home business idea?

Above all, with a good network and great design ideas, you are one way of gaining financial freedom.

96. Pet Sitter

Photo of Smiling Woman in Floral Dress Sitting on Wooden Platform While Petting a Dog

Pet sitting can be a successful home business idea if you have the right clients for your business.

In some cases, you are required you go live with the pet owners while others may just decide to bring them to you. That’s if you have a Pet Sitting Centre.

97. Pet Grooming

man brushing dog hair

Most people who own pets don’t have the time to bathe, cut nails or give haircuts to their pets.

Therefore, you can open a pet grooming salon at home and earn some extra cash from this side business.

However, it’s always good you do your research before you get started around your local area.

Median salary per year: 35,771

98. Child-Proofing

Two Children Standing Near Concrete Fence

A childproofing business is expected to give advice to parents on how to make the home safer for their kids.

Moreover, statistics have shown that 80% of child deaths occur at home. Which either results from drowning, poisoning, burning or choking.

As a professional home business proofing, you have to be knowledgable and skilful on a home safety standard for kids.

99. Homeowner Referral Business

Coffee-filled Cup on Saucer Beside Macbook and Iphone on Desk

Homeowner Referral Network is a home business opportunity where you’re taught how to negotiate commission amounts and build a database of pre-screened contractors to refer to homeowners looking to renovate or remodel their homes.

You can learn more about this home business opportunity to help you start.

21 Kid-Friendly Business Ideas for College Students

Gone are those days where you needed to attain a certain age before becoming an entrepreneur. With so many kid-friendly business ideas out there, more teens are already practising their entrepreneurial skills through these opportunities.

Here are some home business ideas for college students

100. Academic Tutor

two men and four women studying

Academic tutoring is mostly for students who excel in certain subjects. They can start an academic tutoring business to assist students who need help in that area of study.

Hence a perfect business idea for a college student to earn extra cash and take care of his/her basic needs.

101. Child Care

Baby, Care, Caucasian, Cheek, Child

Child care and babysitting is a good business idea for teenage hangout college students to earn some extra income. As a college student, all you need to do is accept jobs that don’t clash with your school activities.

103. Handmade Shop Owner

pair of white-and-black leather teardrop earrings

If you have any skills in craft or arts, you can make handmade goods and sell on eBay/Etsy or sell in your own shop.

104. Social Media Influencer

Laptop, Mobile Phone, Facebook, Social Media Influencer

As a social media influencer, you need to have the skills to build up a following where you can then work with brands to promote their products and services.

105. House Cleaner

Housekeeping, Clean, Service, Floor

As a teenage hangout college student, you can build up a client base and start a cleaning service business. This will definitely earn you some extra cash.

106. Laundry Service

Laundry, Washing Machine, Wash

Laundry service is another side business idea for college students who wish to be more specific with their cleaning service business.

107. Errand Service

man riding bicycle on road in time lapse photography

You can start up an errand service business where you offer errand services like dry cleaning, picking up groceries etc, to local customers.

108. Inventor


Cube, Rubik'S Cube, Thoughts, Think

Every day people of all age invent new things that solve problems faced by the population. As a teen inventor, if you can come up with something great, you can either build a prototype or work with a mentor to get it produced.

109. Lawn Care

Mowing The Grass, Garden Work, Lawn

Starting a lawn care service is pretty easy. With the right equipment and transport service available, you are good to go.

All you need to do is build a client base of homeowners around your locality.

110. Computer Setup Service

flat screen monitor turned-off near corded keyboard and mouse on white table beside black and white rolling chair

If you are good at setting up computers and other electronics, you can start up a business where you help others set up these devices.

111. House-Sitting Business

woman sitting in front of building

Opening a house-sitting service is a lucrative home business idea. All you need to do is offer services to homeowners who travel and need someone to look after their homes.

112. Gift Wrapping Service

woman in grey sweater and blue denim dungarees sitting on brown and white sofa opening a yellow gift box closeup photography

During festive periods, you can offer gift-wrapping services to gift-givers around your locality.

113. Home Business for Tech Support

If you are passionate and knowledgeable about computers and technology, you start a tech support service where customers call to get help solving their tech problems.

114. Technology Tutor

As a technology tutor, you can charge clients to teach them set up their devices. And as well teach them to solve other tech issues.

115. Graphics Seller

water flowing on clear glass

With some graphic design skills, you can create your own printable designs or downloadable designs and sell them online to customers.

116. Picking Up Recyclables

Plastic Bottles, Bottles, Recycling

This business idea can earn you some extra cash if you have recycling companies in your area. You can pick up these recyclables and take them to the right companies.

117. Party Entertainer Business

Concert, Show, Performance, Stage

If you are good at playing any musical instrument, singing, joke-cracking or even have magical skills, you can start a business where you entertain people at special events.

118. Pet Photographer Business

Dachshund, Funny, Tourist, Photographer

You can start up a photography business targeting pet owner’s who wish to have a portrait of their pets.

119. A Delivery Service Home Business

Package, Packaging, Shipping, Carton

Starting up a delivery service is another good business idea to get started with as a college student. As long as you have a good transport system, you can deliver items on behalf of your customers to different locations.

120. Personal Shopper

person walking while carrying a camera and paper bags

If you are good at shopping, you can build a personal shopping business where you help others pick up items for them.

121. Snow Removal Business

yellow and orange snow plouh

During the winter periods, you can charge a small fee from local homeowners to help shovel out snow from their yards.


Immediately I finished listing the home business ideas. Alain realized he has been the cost to his own problems.

How about you? Are you looking for a profitable home business idea to get you up and running for the future? The above proven and tested home business ideas will help you start and run a successful business.

Also, make sure to go for the business ideas you are most passionate about and let your passion lead you through.

However, the ball is in your cot. At the end of the day, you still have to make the decision to get started or not. 

If you did enjoy this article, please do share with us your thoughts and let us know in the comment section which business ideas you think should be included.

Share your thoughts in the comments below!