Importance of Drinking Alkaline Water

longrich alkaline water

Importance of Healthy Drinking Water

The reason why people’s demand for water is second only to oxygen is because water is the source of life. It is with no doubt that water accounts for 60% to 70% of adult weight, and acts as a go-between in all life activities of the human being. As long as water within the body can, boost digestion, metabolism and blood circulation, transform or reconstruct nutrients, nourish cells, balance body temperature and excrete waste, it’s quality is equivalent to that of life. The detailed standard of the healthy drinking water can be vulgarly concluded as follows:

  1. Does not consist of any deadly, harmful or stinking substances.
  2. Based on the scales of calcium carbonate, the water hardness should be within the range of 30 to 200.
  3. Accommodate or have convenient mineral composition that the human body needs.
  4. pH value is presented as weak alkaline, from 7.45 to 8.
  5. Dissolved oxygen ≥ 6mgL, and contain appropriate carbon dioxide.
  6. The waters half width molecular cluster or collection is less than 100 Hz.
  7. Good quality water should Act as a nutritional channel by having functions like infiltration capacity, dissolution or partition capacity, diffusion capacity, metabolic capacity, emulsifying capacity, and cleaning capacity.

So far, the water that can fully meet the above criteria is solely Alkaline Balance Water. The long- term consumption of Alkaline Balance Water is not only suitable for healthy people, but also plays an apparent or important role on regulating gastrointestinal and blood lipid, as well as antioxidant, anti-fatigue and beautifying.

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What water do you drink?

Alkaline waters are beneficial to our health (pH7.4-8.5)

Neutral waters are neutral to our health (pH)

Acidic waters are detrimental to our health (pH3-6.9)

Drinking Alkaline water leads to healthy life!

chart demonstrating how the pH body level is suppose to look like

Advantages of drinking water from the Longrich Alkaline Cup (π Cup)

longrich alkaline cup for healthy water drinking
Quality Water Healthy Living

The Longrich Alkaline cup also known as π Cup is designed to convert acidic water into alkaline water. Consuming water from this Alkaline cup, helps to reduce the high acidic content in the body thereby balancing the pH level of the body. Here are some common health problems solved by the longrich alkaline cup

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Alkaline Balance

Acidic physical conditions square measure the cause or source of illness, while most of ordinary drinking water appears to be slightly acid and long-term drinking will accelerate the acidification of the body. Water that is filtered by the Longrich Alkaline or π Cup can control the water pH value in the range of weak Alkaline to be beneficial for clearing acidic wastes of the body and improving the body’s acidic environment.

Small Molecular Activity

With technologies like electrolysis and far-infrared, the Longrich Alkaline cup activates water quality by changing it into small molecular cluster water. A collection of molecular water provides active or strong infiltration and solubility, easily absorbed, improves body microcirculation and promote metabolism.


Ordinary consumed water has positive potential that promote oxidization and aging. Specific negative potential technology of the π Cup water delivers additional active hydrogen for body and wipes out or eliminates excess free radicals. This helps to enhance immunity and delay aging process.


Upon unique combination of the longrich alkaline π Cup’s filters, the Longrich Alkaline cup water supplements minerals and trace elements according to the most appropriate proportion for human body to make the water suitable for absorption. It can also effectively strengthen the amount or percentage of zinc elicitation or extraction to 100% and enhance human immunity.

Anion Exchange

Ordinary drinking water does not carry negative ions, but the Longrich Alkaline π Cup water is rich of negative ions, which can carry more oxygen for body. The alkaline π Cup water also helps to activate body cells, enhance water quality and taste.

Benefits of the Longrich Alkaline π Cup

The Longrich Alkaline cup contains key elements like tourmaline stones, KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) filter materials which helps in the following benefits;

  1. Converts any acid water to neutral or alkaline water prior to consumption.
  2. Neutralizes the acidity of blood when consumed.
  3. Emulsifies fats and oil, hence aids weight loss.
  4. Reduces blood cholesterol.
  5. Neutralizes the effects of alcohol, smoke, and coffee (caffeine) on organs and cells.
  6. Improves circulation of oxygen and purifies blood.

Instructions on using the Longrich Alkaline Cup

  1. Shake water in the cup before you drink. This is because it is designed to achieve better effectiveness or efficacy by increasing the specific contact area between the energy substance and water.
  2. Using the cup for the very first time, rinse and shake the cup repeatedly with hot water up to 60⸰C. This is done to activate the filter, repeat the above action several times until water poured out becomes clear.
  3. Before drinking, poor in pure or boiled water (below 50◦C) for 1-3 minute; ensure water level is above the filter element.
  4. It is ok if water from the cup becomes a little cloudy after a period of use. After you must have used the longrich alkaline cup for for 4-6 months, it is advised to soak the longrich π cup with white vinegar for thirty minutes, clean with water and dry it under sun to reactivate the energy molecules.


  1. Do not swallow the energy filtering material in the longrich alkaline cup.
  2. Do not pour any spongy or mushy material, carbonated beverage, milk or coffee into the cup. This is to keep and maintain the surface activity of the energy molecules and extend or prolong the service life of the Pi Cup,
  3. Heating the Pi Cup be it in a microwave, oven or over fire is prohibited, nor to bring the cup directly close to any fire source.
  4. Keep the cup (full hot water contained) away from the reach of children in order to avoid any heat injury.
  5. For first time user, drinking amount shall be increased from 1 cup per day gradually to normal daily amount.
  6. Pregnant women, infants or those who are having gastric or allergy shall be advised by a doctor or professional before use or drinking this water.
  7. Do not drink this water within half an hour before and after taking medicine.

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