The Truth About Network Marketing


Understanding the Concept of Network Marketing and How it Works

Network marketing is a cost-effective multi-billion-dollar industry that has created billions of wealthy entrepreneurs across the globe and also a saving grace for many income seekers across the world.

In this episode, am going to talk about network marketing; understanding what network marketing is, how it works and some top companies in the industry that you can invest in.

So, lets actually find out why millions of people across the world think network marketing is the 21st century business.

The Truth About Network Marketing

What is the deal with Network Marketing anyway? Some people have heard about it, but don’t really know what it is. While others know what it is, but think it’s a big scam. We have other people who swear and believe it opens up a gold funnel to achieve and gain financial freedom. I guess that explains why the society is rapidly evolving towards Network Marketing as the preferred form of product distribution.

Here is the real story!

Direct selling or network marketing is something we all do in our everyday activities. Yes, YOU!

Have you ever watched a movie, then told your friends that it was great, and they should go see it? That’s network marketing.

Have you ever travelled through a bus agency, and then tell people how excellent the travel agency is? If only you knew how many people you told went to that particular  bus agency. And when they experience what you told them, they keep the talking going on and no one get’s paid. That’s network marketing.

Have you ever gotten an excellent deal on a vehicle or car, and then recommend others to the car dealer? That’s network marketing.

Have you ever recommended someone to a restaurant by telling the person how delicious the food was? That is network marketing.


You’ve just passed Network Marketing 101! You are now ready to go out there and start making money!

Wait a minute! What does recommending travel agencies, restaurants, movies, and car dealers have to do with Network Marketing?

It has everything to do with it. How! Once you are engaged with a direct selling or network marketing company, you get PAID to tell people how great something is! Isn’t that amazing?

Wow – pretty simple, right? Well, that’s the truth of the matter. It is really that easy, but people are so confused by the aggression of money-hungry network marketers that they want to just run into a corner and hide until the coast is clear!

It is rather unfortunate that some greedy and less ethical distributors and network marketing companies have given a great concept a very bad name. And now it is up to the few truly ethical corporations to convince the public that network marketing is legitimate. These companies offer health and wellness products, cosmetics and skin care, power and gas etc. All you’re doing is recommending products to people that you believe they will benefit from it. What’s wrong with that? I guess nothing. 

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How Does Multi-Level Marketing Work?

Firstly, you have to choose an equitable and worthy company with a solid track record. Similarly, choose an excellent or decent line of products, and a bright future that have to wear shades. Although we have thousands of network marketing companies, there are very few of these truly successful companies out there. Some big names in the industry such as Longrich, Avon, Mary Kay, Forever Living, Amway etc each has a successful history and a business model that will definitely last for many years into the future.

Next, you get signed up with a corporation or company that you BELIEVE in the products. Don’t get signed up with a company because you have dollar signs in your eyes. If all you want to do is make money, you will have a hard time in network marketing. However, to become successful in this business, here’s what you need to do. Help people by looking for products or services that are going to be of help to them. Then, your patience and passion for your chosen company will shine through, allowing you an easier path to success.

To sum up, simply tell other people about the products and business opportunity.  If they are interested, then they sign up by purchasing products. And Each time they make a purchase, you earn high commissions offered by the company through their compensation plan. 

Good network marketing companies will offer any or all of the following methods to get paid:

Direct profit resulting from retail vs. wholesale pricing

You earn commissions weekly or monthly based on the confirmed or actual volume of products or services that you sell.

Weekly or monthly bonuses based on attaining certain sales goals.

Weekly, monthly, or annual bonuses are earned based on your leadership level with the company.

Residual earnings from sales made by friends that you bring into the organization, and people your recruits bring into the organization, etc.

Quarterly or annual vacations, trips, retreats, conferences, etc. that are paid for in part or in full by the company.

Believe it or not, that’s all there is to it! All you need to do is find a product and a company that you trust and believe in. You get signed up, and you tell people about the product or services offered by your chosen company. There are countless training opportunities that any good company will offer to you. Always take advantage of those opportunities. Don’t reinvent the wheel use the systems that have already proven successful for the company that you work for.

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What Should I Do If Approached by a Network Marketer?

The things you ought to do if approached by a network vendor are the same things that when you approach anyone, they may be thinking, so keep that in mind.

They include:

Ask yourself if you want or need the product. If not, then just say so. An ethical network marketer will not push you.

If you are interested, then inquire about the product or service, but more importantly, ask for details about the company.

If you think you may be interested in the products or the opportunity presented by the company, ask where you can learn more. Again, an ethical network marketer will be happy to list numerous sources of information. And they will love to add you to their mailing list to keep you up to date.

Always bear in mind that ethical network promoting is not about pushing low-quality merchandise onto hapless citizens who don’t know much. It is about sharing a product or an opportunity for people who will benefit from it. Whether those individuals are your friends, family, and co-workers, or people that you meet out in the world, you should feel confident in the use of the products, and in the opportunity provided or offered by the company.

You should be enthusiastic about the products or services you offer so as to encourage others to join. Stick with a distinguished network promoting corporation and you will be rendering a great service to individuals. Also, you will be able to build a solid financial gain at the same time. That’s what we call a win win situation, folks!

The Different Types of Network Marketing Companies

Are you thinking of signing up for a network marketing company? Then note that there are different types of niches in the network marketing industry placed under different categories.

Below are the top main industries and what they offer to new business partners:

Health and Wellness Multi-Level Marketing Companies

Health and wellness is the most common niche existing in the network marketing industry today.  This is because more people have become health-conscious nowadays.

Since the products are highly rich in nutrients, that gives enough reason why they are greatly consumed across the world.

Also, the health and wellness products generally promote improve productivity, body ailments, gets rid of body toxins and boost energy, helps to reduce or prevent acne, improves blood circulation, while others promote weight loss without having an effect any on the body etc.

In addition, this niche category is huge on direct sales, auto-ship and consumable products. Hence, working within this niche gives you the opportunity to build a passive income. This is possible if you construct a huge deal of reps focused on customers who regularly consume the products.

Cosmetics and Personal Care Network Marketing Companies

cosmetics and personal care network marketing companies

My second trending niche when it comes to network marketing is cosmetics and personal care. This niche focuses more on direct selling, as well as consumer products but deals more directly with the image industry.

Personal care and cosmetic product companies simply are design to give your skin that perfect glow.

Internet Network Marketing Companies

Internet network marketing companies

With information technology totally gaining grounds, people are using it to reach out to people with their various businesses. Also, network marketers are gradually switching into this system to promote their products and services.

A new niche of network marketing industries such as E-commerce and Internet Service companies have surfaced. This is due to the fact that millions of people are more comfortable shopping online nowadays.

To conclude, if you are passionate about this type of niche, then do your research and don’t have a second thought.

Travel Multi-Level Marketing Companies

Travel multi-level marketing companies

This is another exciting niche for people who love travelling around the world. They offer unique and exciting business ventures that opens the funnel for a second source of income in any situation.

Since the internet has become part and parcel of the world’s population, the multi-level marketing industries have experienced rapid growth. This is because millions of people are joining the ranks and gaining financial freedom as well. So, if you love travelling around the, then this exciting niche is for you.

Party Plans MLM Companies

Party Plans network marketing companies

Party plans is another popular niche across the (mostly preferred by stay-home parents in search for a second source of income) network marketing industry gaining grounds.

This particular niche only requires a small amount of investment in order to obtain a website, product demo and other marketing tools that could be of help to grow your business. Basically, Party Plans is considered the most family-friendly network marketing industries.

Energy Network Marketing Companies

Power and Gas MLM companies

When it comes to the network marketing energy companies, it is properly a hot niche as well. These companies provide energy households needs which are consumed by the world’s population at large every day. In addition, they offer an outstanding business opportunity for people who are in need of a second source of income.

They offer people access to energy that households need to use every day. Also, they offer an outstanding business opportunity to the right people.

In all, these are my top niches in the network marketing industry that you might want to sign up for. So, research to find the one you are most comfortable with and make sure to make the right choice. Nonetheless, you have so much to gain from this industry and you can only succeed if you engage in it.

Network Marketing Companies

In this paragraph, I will like to share with you some top and legitimate network marketing companies I think you should invest your money in.


online job created by longrich

Longrich is an international organization that seeks to solve the world’s health and wealth issues by providing a genuine business opportunity for all through its multi-level marketing business platform. Founded in 1986 by Chairman Xu Zhu Wei

I will pick the Longrich company as my number one because the company promotes two categories of niches in the network marketing industry. These niches are health and wellness, cosmetics and personal care. Also, the longrich company offer one of the greatest compensation plan ever seen.

In addition, before Longrich got into the network marketing business, the company had been manufacturing for other giant companies like AVON (an old lady in the network marketing business), Unilever, MARK & SPENCER, TESCO, LION, WAL*MART, Elizabeth Arden etc.

So if you wish to sign up for the Longrich business platform, then click here to learn more


network marketing company
[source = wikipedia]

Amway (American Way) is a top American company that promotes home care, beauty and health care products. Founded in 1959 and has grown to be the number one MLM company in the world. In 2018 the company registered over $8.8 billion in total sales three times more than the second which is AVON. So, if you wish to invest with Amway then do more research and find out how it works.


Multi Level marketing company
[source = wikipedia]

Avon is an old lady in the network marketing industry, was founded in 1886 and is not ready to leave the top spot just yet. Avon promotes beauty, household, and personal care products. In 2018, the company had annual sales of $5.5 billion second to Amway. You can do your own findings to get started on this one.


[source = Time Magazine]

Herbalife corporation is a network marketing company that markets, develops, and falls in the health and wellness category. Founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes and employs over 8000 people worldwide. It is amongst the top 30 legitimate companies worldwide.

Mart Kay

[source = wikipedia]

Top six MLM company in the world. Mary kay is an American company founded in 1963 and sells cosmetics through the network marketing business platform.

Forever Living

[source = wikipedia]

Forever Living was founded in 1978 and falls in the health and wellness category. Also, amongst the top 10 legitimate companies.


[source = wikipedia]

doTerra was founded in 2008 and sells essential oils and other related products.


[source = wikipedia]

Primerica is a multi-level marketing company based in the US and sells insurance and financial services. Founded in 1977 and amongst the top 15 MLM companies in the world.

Rodan and Fields

[source = The register]

Rodan and Fields were founded in 2007 and has grown to be amongst top 20 MLM companies worldwide. They are specialized in skincare products


[source = business for home]

Jeunesse is a multi-level marketing company which falls under the category of health and wellness companies. Founded in 2009 and amongst the top 20 companies in the world.

So, guys, this is the truth about the network marketing industry and how it works.  It is termed the 21st-century business reason being that it has created millions of successful entrepreneurs across the world.

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What is network marketing

Network marketing is a cost-effective multi-billion-dollar industry that has created billions of wealthy entrepreneurs across the globe and also a saving grace for many income seekers across the world.

How does network marketing work?

You simply choose a company that you believe in their products, and sell to people you know will benefit from. You earn more when you develop a network of business partners.

Is network marketing the same as a pyramid scheme?

Here is the difference;
A pyramid scheme has no products to offer those who sign up. So then what are you distributing. They simply take part in your investments and pay who so ever brought you into the system. In order words, it is a fraudulent and manipulative scheme, masked as MLM.
Unlike legitimate MLM companies with amazing health and wellness, cosmetics and skincare etc to offer. The more you sale and build a team of business partners, the more you earn.

Is network marketing good?

One of the greatest ways to do business in the 21st century is through network marketing. This is because it has proven to be part of the world’s economy and created more entrepreneurs across the globe. And not just entrepreneurs but rank amongst the most successful people in the world. That is why it is termed the 21st-century business.

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